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Inspection Basics


All Providers

Reason for Improvement Notices
How to check the identity of a CQC inspector
I have already been inspected. Will the CQC come back for a reinspection?
Displaying Your CQC Rating
Bribing CQC inspectors
Get to know KLOE
Types of Inspections
How often will they inspect?
What type of evidence will CQC be looking for when they inspect?
Representations about warning notices
Will the CQC inform the media about non-compliance?
How do CQC gather their Intelligent Monitoring information
Do CQC require changes to fixtures and fittings?
Is the CQC Guidance legally enforceable?

Healthcare Providers

How long before the CQC visit you?
What are Special Measures?
RCGP Special Measures deal
Inspection Notices for GP Practices
Will I get advance notice of an Inspection?
Do we have to have a slop hopper
How often will they inspect?