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Quality Standards Staff Management Room Safety Care Diary Full System
£900 worth of products FREE when you subscribe to the Full System

What you get with The Full System
  1. eManager: Process Management Software (All channels)
  2. Quality Standards Manual: Team Edition
  3. x10 Professional Standards Passports
  4. Room Safety: Starter Pack

(See 'Look Inside' above for more details on each product in the bundle)

Current Offer: Any new Channels that we as X-Genics produce, even those not yet thought of, will be given for free to subscribers of Full System. This offer may not apply to anyone who joins at a later stage, after this offer has expired.

The Problem

Creating systems in house requires a lot of time and ties up your most valuable management staff. A ready-made system shares National Standards and costs only a fraction of that time. We estimate that on average a Provider spends upwards of £15,000 per location in creating and managing bespoke document management systems. Wasted time is an invisible cost, and managers often find it difficult to explain to owners that 'time is money' and this saving can increase productivity.

The Solution: An entire management system, ready-made and ready-to-go

Channels with SmartApps


The Perfect Solution

The Quality Management System is the most comprehensive Compliance System available. It is ready-made, fully managed, and designed to get you Inspection-Ready Anytime with minimum effort

Your entire Operations Manual in one place
Your processes and protocols in one place