COVID Risk Mitigation


  • Protect your staff
  • Protect Patients
  • Protect Employer
  • Protect Clinicians

FREE Risk Mitigation Toolkit: Just one careless mistake could shut your entire place down
Use this easy to implement Best Practice toolkit to make everyone self-responsible 

The most powerful learning tool is still the book

  • It’s a book, everyone already knows how to use it
  • A practical team building solution that beats online training
  • Training, Appraisals, Competency Framework ... Everything simplified

Fits into your existing routine : Versatile, Easy and Powerful

 Training passport self study

 Training passport face to face training

 Training passport protected time learning

Groups and Networks can get together to train all staff at once

A simple and cost effective tool to train from a dozen to 100’s of people without any special training or preparation.

Any manager can be the lecturer, no prepration required as all the content is ready-made in the book.

Staff learning and assessment recorded and updated on the spot

 Training passport groups small groups

 Training passport groups workshops

Training passport groups large groups
 Training passport self training workshops

Training passport groups easy for groups

Risk Management


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