Professional Standards Passport

staff system this changes everything

personal passport replaces everything

Each member of your staff will carry this book as their Personal Development Passport

The content is in an easy to read format, each topic typically takes just 1 minute to read

  staff system 2 professional standards passport

Where does the time saving come from?

  1. Staff read the essential elements instead of an unnecessary and long training session
  2. Staff identify their own weaknesses, ask at the time or tell you if they need full training

We have simplified the content, so staff hardly have to ask for help. It's so simple and intuitive that we were able to use reception and admin staff in our pilots to see if they could run it themselves, and then simply report to the manager.

​Fully comprehensive content

Full Guide Built in guidance to make everyone self-sufficient. Staff don't have to ask you how to use it
Personal Portfolio Staff can log their in-house and external training; Personal Development requirements, Suggestions for improvement and much more
Self Appraisal A fast and easy self-appraisal kept up to date throughout the year. This risk-based continuous appraisal system means you never have to do a formal appraisal because it's being done on an ongoing basis
CQC Terminology A quick review of basic CQC terminology every member of staff should know
Knowledge and Training Your staff will already have gone through an induction, so there is no point in repeating in-depth training
This is a risk-based knowledge & training, an A-Z of all essentials from Safeguarding to Confidentiality that staff should know to do their job.
They can even log things they need help on so there's a single place to record their needs and concerns
Policies Staff Centric Policies, specifically designed to make everything easy to read and easy to understand
Each policy is self-assessed for their confidence in subject and contains a knowledge test
The Q&As are a risk-based design to make it meaningful and easier to measure and assess

personal passport driving test

 personal passport induction refresher retraining

Pack contains x10 books

Trial SAMPLE - Contains x2 books for you to try

We have to exercise a no refund policy, simply because the books are designed to be written in, and it is impractical to check the hundreds of pages on returned packs and returns will have to be binned.
If you're unsure, call us or just order the samples for preview before committing yourself to a full order.

Launch offer for advanced orders

Deliveries start 1st week of August  15% discount
Order early, we have a significant number of advanced orders  Offer expires 31st August 2019

Stock on re-order: Our 1st shipment has completely sold out faster than we expected
Place your advance orders early to guarantee to be first in line for next batch


Professional Standards Passport for Healthcare & Adult care

£ 29.98 (£ 29.98 excl VAT) £ 25.48 (£ 25.48 excl VAT) each Professional Standards Passport - SAMPLE
£ 149.90 (£ 149.90 excl VAT) £ 127.42 (£ 127.42 excl VAT) each Professional Standards Passport - 10 Pack


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