What's new in this upgrade

This Evidence Upgrade Pack gives you:-

  1. The latest content
  2. Standard Governance Pack  to save you having to re-do your previous work
  3. Access to a full Template Library
cqc toolkit evidence folder old vs new version

UPGRADE your Evidence Folder to the latest version

This is a full upgrade for older version so the Evidence Folder.
It includes pre-completed standardised documents so you don't have to spend hours creating custom documents.

70% of your folder completed in record time

The Governance Pack will save you days and weeks of time in drafting your Governance Framework, and combined with FREE access to £149 worth of online Evidence Templates, you will have everything you need to complete over 70% of your folder in record time.

What's left for you to do:-

  1. Complete your Organisation Details
  2. Gather your CQC Registration Documents
  3. File your compliance evidence in the right section

Once you complete your organisation specific information, you're ready for any inspection.

cqc toolkit evidence pack index

cqc toolkit evidence pack governance

cqc toolkit evidence pack templates

cqc toolkit evidence pack guides help

Get inspection organised in 1 hour

The Evidence Folder is amazing but getting all your Governance and Evidence together can be laborious.
We have taken all feedback and created a STANDARD PACK for you, so you don't have to lift a finger.
We have even bundled in our online TEMPLATE LIBRARY WORTH £149 to make life easier.

You have virtually nothing to do

Using our library of sample documents, we have taken all the best ideas to create a standard pack, all you have to do is read it and file it, and should take less than one hour.

How much time will this save you?

Preparing this Governance section is laborious and will typically take several weeks to put things together as you try and fit this into your normal routine.
This pack will achieve 70% of your preparation leaving you to just add organisation specific information and put all your evidence in one place.

You can always opt for customisation at a later date, and we'll give you credit for having purchased this pack, so you never lose out.


£ 374.99 (£ 374.99 excl VAT) each HEALTHCARE - Evidence Pack UPGRADE
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£ 374.99 (£ 374.99 excl VAT) each ADULT CARE - Evidence Pack UPGRADE
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Editable Templates are FREE with every product

Editable templates are now FREE to all our clients.

For clients who are using the Evidence folder, your file will be incomplete without these, so we have bundled these with every purchase from 2018 as a FREE add-on.
For others, the templates are normally available on a subscription basis as a separate item.

Products which come with FREE access to online templates:

  • The Evidence Folder
  • Evidence Pack
  • Setup Services