NEW INTRODUCTORY OFFER - Standard Evidence Pack

A must have for anyone who has the Evidence Folder but hasn't got the time to complete everything.
This is a Standard Pack to help you get Inspection-Ready in just 1 Hour (Requires the Evidence Folder)


CQC Evidence Folder PREMIUM

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Easily organise yourself. Be ready for any inspection any time

A unique system where your “all-in” index also doubles as your checklist and Action Plan.


Instant Action Plan

Simple tick box exercise for what you already have and what you plan to do


Stress-Free Inspections

Organises your existing evidence so it is easy to find at all times


Prioritise your CQC tasks

Easily identify gaps, and tackle them as you go along


Simple & Easy

Once completed, even other staff can present to the CQC Inspector

With this professionally prepared Evidence Folder, you will demonstrate to the inspector how organised you are; that you have a clear and obvious action plan; and show that you’ve got it all under control.

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cqc toolkit Premium folder

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The new Premium Toolkit

The new Toolkit is more than just the Evidence Folder, it will be our most complete system yet for this unique product.

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HEALTHCARE - Premium folder

£ 249.99 (£ 249.99 excl VAT) each HEALTHCARE - Premium edition
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ADULT CARE - Premium folder

£ 249.99 (£ 249.99 excl VAT) each ADULT CARE - Premium edition
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Editable Templates are FREE with every product

Editable templates are now FREE to all our clients.

For clients who are using the Evidence folder, your file will be incomplete without these, so we have bundled these with every purchase from 2018 as a FREE add-on.
For others, the templates are normally available on a subscription basis as a separate item.

Products which come with FREE access to online templates:

  • The Evidence Folder
  • Evidence Pack
  • Setup Services

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