Multi-Site Operations


The biggest challenge in managing multi-site operations is geographical distance.
Digital information and internet based systems are an obvious answer but not always the easiest to transition to.

Ready-made systems

  1. Usually inflexible and are not an exact fit
  2. Tail wagging the dog: You have to change to fit the system
  3. Not always user friendly, often cumbersome
  4. Staff have to be trained to use
  5. New staff cannot be work ready on day one
  6. Implementation is usually 5 times the cost off the system

In-House Systems

  1. Requires an architect and a tech team
  2. Costly to setup and maintain
  3. Every organisation has to reinvent the wheel for themselves
  4. Slow turnaround times, difficult to make changes
  5. Significant key-man risk

What you need

Organisations will want to strive for Active Quality Management but without the immense overhead of monitoring every location.
Site visits are essential, but need to be more targeted to avoid unwarranted and visits.

The potential of real-time performance data cannot be underestimated. Business Intelligence at your fingertips allows:-

  1. Focused visits to reduce costs and travel
  2. 24/7 Remote monitoring of performance
  3. Reduced number of area managers

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Advantages of Remote Quality Management


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