Custom Registration (Using your system/policies)

£ 1,800.00 each

Custom Service where you have your own Quality System and policies

What you will get:-

  1. Guidance through the process
  2. Completing the application with full document pack
  3. Preparation for Registered Manager Interview
  4. Any additional system documents required by CQC

What you will also need:-
Where clients provide their own systems, we will have to work together to draft the application based on the systems you are putting in place and any documents or policies requested by the CQC.


This quote is for the Application Process, meaning that this is deemed as completed when the Registration Team accepts the application. The interview and request for additional documents and information is often unpredictable, and entirely dependent on the Inspector allocated to you. They might even ask for policies no one has heard of, but we will do our best to help. We will continue to provide full support to help you prepare for the interview and for any additional information or documents requested as far as is practicable.


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