Change in culture

Heartbeat arrhythmia

What does this mean in terms of the way you run your practice

Do any of the following describe what happens in your practice?

  1. We only look at all our compliance in February and March when QOF and other reports become due.
  2. The practice manager is the only person who has a handle on compliance.
  3. GP Partners don't really understand what goes on, or take little interest, or leave it all to the manager.
  4. GP partners would not know where to find anything or how compliant we are, even with things like whether all staff appraisals have been done or what the legal process is with dealing with complaints.
  5. Ordinary staff members won't take any responsibility for things like fire safety and workplace safety. If we ask, they will want more pay.
  6. Some of the staff have been here a long time and won't do anything new.

If you can identify yourself with any of the above, you need to have a change of culture. Compliance is about working as a team, where everyone knows and follows the rules. Most importantly, your licence to trade is at risk so GP partners need to be acutely aware of what's going on in their business, they can no longer just leave it to the manager and trust they will get it right.

An opportunity

CQC might actually be a blessing in disguise for many practices.

Where poor practices have set in, it is very difficult to change the culture overnight. Many of the CQC requirements are things staff should have been doing anyway but a lack of strict enforcement may have created the impression that these tasks are optional. This is a good time to enforce because your licence to trade is now at risk, and this daily enforcement is now part of the registration requirements.

Your staff need to understand that if they do not pull their weight, or refuse to do so, means not only a breach of the conditions of registration, but may also be the end of your business and their livelihood.


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