Process Management with Smart-Apps


An entire management system, ready-made and ready-to-go


  Super Manager
App for everything

channels quality certificate
channels audits and planning
channels more to come

 Provisional Pricing

  • Get only the Channels you need.
  • Typical pricing for each Channel will be £30 per month
  • Buy the Full System at discounted prices

We will be giving away some Channels FREE of charge to every CQC Registered Provider (We're working on this)

 Channel   Monthly  Annual 
   £   £ 
 Management System   100          1,200
 Inspection-Ready Policies   30            360
 Activity log   Free   
 Compliance Planners   30            360
 Contract Management   30            360
 Care Planning   30            360
 Safeguarding   Free   
 Regulations   Free   
 Quality Certificate   Free   
 Policies Library   30            360
 HR Channel/Templates   30            360
 Infection Control   Free   
 TOTAL             280        3,360



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