Why legal protection sounds attractive

Fear of the unknown is the main driving force for legal protection:-

  1. Tribunals: What if I have to go to tribunals, who will represent me, how much will it cost
  2. Fear of disputes: How will I handle it, I’ll need a lawyer/expert
  3. Cost: Lawyers cost over £100 per hour, barristers even more, this protection gives me peace of mind
  4. Time is money: I can just hand it over to the advisor saving me a huge amount of time
  5. Tribunals: Never have to worry about tribunals, they’ll defend me, cover my costs

Most of these fears are unfounded. 94% of cases never make it to tribunal stage, 27% are settled and 68% are just dropped (See the myth-busters section)

You can still opt to have legal protection, but you should be better informed and better prepared with what questions to ask and what you are getting.


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