So, What is it

The format and intention of this is very similar to the "Annual Regulatory Review" that GP Practices have been subjected to.
Think of this as a telephone based Inspection to discuss:-

  • Issues with your performance, if any
  • Whether you have key processes in place
  • Do you want to report anything?
  • How are you dealing with specific issues?

The topics CQC want to discuss:-

  • safe care and treatment
  • staffing arrangements
  • protection from abuse
  • assurance processes, monitoring, and risk management

Be Prepared

The agenda covers Safety, Care & Treatment, Staff, Abuse and Safeguarding, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management
That's a wide range of topics covering everything an inspection would, and "If it walks like a duck....." Luckily it only lasts an hour.

Be careful out there: This is a Regulatory Interview


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