Turning tedious meetings to my advantage

Why is it that every time I go into a meeting, I come out with more work than I started?

Going into meeting after meeting absorbs up to 60% of my time, sitting there hour after hour, achieving very little.
Worse still, the valuable time it takes up means I have to make up for this with longer hours and more stress.

The Quality Standards System changed everything

Quality Assurance and Compliance was something I never looked forward to, there was never enough time, and it took a backstage.

But now, it has become my saviour !
At every meeting, I take the specially designed form with a topic of my choice and hand out copies for everyone to read, comment and sign. Within 10-15 minutes, they have done my entire job of Compliance Management for me.

These are the most productive meetings we have had in a long time, and people are learning that we don't have to sit through two hours of hot air.