From high stress to Zero effort

Life changed dramatically for us when we got the Quality Standards System.

Day One:
This was the "Setup" stage, essentially flicking through the pages to familiarise myself of the topics and picking the top 5 topics I wanted to focus on. This took me a whole 30 minutes.

Day Two:
I took just the first chosen topic into the Management Meeting and gave everyone a copy to read, comment and sign. It took everyone just one minute to read the topic, and a 10 minute discussion followed. I explained how the system worked and that what we had just achieved was a formal discussion, team review, improvement strategy, and CPD ... in 10 minutes.

Day Three:
At the next meeting, I repeated this with a second topic, just to reiterate the process. Another 10 minutes and they had just done my job for me.

Day Four:
This time I asked one of my Admin Staff, who had zero CQC knowledge to run with the 3rd topic. Same 10 minutes spent, same achievement.

It took me 3 meetings, and 10 minutes in each meeting, to delegate virtually all of my Compliance Review to the rest of the team