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  • A standardised universal CQC system for all Healthcare and Adult Care
  • A common system for GPs, Dentists, Residential Care, Domiciliary Care, Care Agencies and more
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  Notebook Professional Professional
  • All versions have the same Governance Framework
  • The Professional version comes in loose-leaf binders, to allow you to have a matching Evidence Folder for detailed evidence
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 Purchase / initial payment £299.99 £749.98 £149.99
 Monthly payments (cost spread over 24 months)  - - £74.99
 Full Governance Framework      
 Standard Evidence Templates (Print & use)  -
Evidence Folder - Integrates with main system £149.99
 Professional Evidence Templates (Editable PDF templates) £299.99 pa £299.99 pa
 Online version of Staff Policies (Downloadable PDFs)) £299.99 pa £299.99 pa
 Loyalty discount on Training Passports Cross Cross 10%
  • Standard Evidence Templates are online non-editable PDF templates to print and use
  • Professional Evidence Templates are online editable PDF templates you can download and fill as forms
  • The subscription is a two-year agreement and includes access to online resources for the entire period. It will renew automatically but you always cancel before renewal
  • Loyalty discounts gives you an additional discount on the Training Passport on top of the standard volume discounts
  • Refer to the Terms and conditions for a full description

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QSM guide to choosing system

QSM guide to choosing system