How to be prepared

You will effectively be making a formal statement to an Inspector, so be accurate and truthful.
This is your local inspector so building an honest relationship is vital.
In theory, several of the questions only require a Yes/No answer, however you might want to consider elaborating a little more, even if it just to keep the conversation flowing.

Prepare well for the meeting. A crib sheet will help you focus and keep to the subjects. Make sure your topics follow the same sequence as the CQC questions

Prepare for and have information for ready for the following:

  • Clinical Performance  – explain variations and performance both good and bad
  • Population groups – variations and performance
  • QoF – targets not met and improvement
  • Special programmes with your CCG or network

Also useful to have ready:

  • Achievements
  • Initiatives you are involved in such PCNs, Federations and STPs

About your patients:

What the inspector will also be looking for is whether you have a clear idea and direction about your patient and population needs, together with a clear strategy as to how you meet those needs.


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