Archives: The 28 Outcomes (scrapped 30th September 2014)

Archives section: The 28 Essential Guidance /Outcomes have now been superseded

The old outcomes framework has been scrapped as it was inadequate and not fit for purpose.
From 1st October 2014, all providers are subject to a new inspection regime based on 5 Key Domains and Key Lines of Enquiry.

Understand CQC

This is easy to describe but difficult to do. You cannot just jump in with both feet. You need to have a reasonable understanding of the CQC requirements to get started.

To understand what CQC is about and what it requires, the CQC has published a Guideline. This is some 278 pages long and is not the easiest of reads, which is why we have tried to simplify the content of that guide.

Our "guide to the guide" is drafted in plain English to enable the reader to go through the sections quickly and come away with a good overall understanding of what it is all about. It is not designed to be definitive, just simple.

The official CQC Guidance is your bible so you should obtain a copy to work from. 

[CLICK HERE for a copy]


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