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Symptoms that you are not well prepared

Remember YES = bad for the issues below

If your answer to any of the questions below is YES, not only do you have a compliance problem, but your time spent on preparation for CQC will be higher than it should be.

Understanding CQC

  1. Your main focus is having all the policies and not daily monitoring
  2. You will get around to reading KLOEs soon


  1. You have the paperwork but haven’t summarised results
  2. You depend on staff having read and understood policies
  3. You have done the work but can't prove it on paper
  4. Staff just click through online training to get it out of the way

Continuous Compliance

  1. You only look at compliance once a year to meet deadlines
  2. You only prepare evidence when a CQC visit is announced
  3. You don't have regular safety checks


  1. You don’t hold regular meetings
  2. You hold meetings, but don't keep record of staff meetings
  3. You don't keep a record of clinical meetings
  4. You cannot produce evidence of regular monitoring of standards

Systems used

  1. You do not have a central collection of issues discovered
  2. You do not have up to date logs of complaints, SEAs, meetings etc.

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