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Latest Bulletins

Prepare for new inspection regime to avoid negative ratings

pass cqc increase in negative ratings

A warning shot for Providers

  • More Providers got negative ratings than in all of the previous years combined

  • Over 3,700 areas got marked as Requires Improvement or Inadequate

  • New KLOE regime has now kicked in


Overview of all ratings : Note the spike in bad ratings

 pass cqc ratings trend outstanding  pass cqc ratings trend good
 pass cqc ratings trend requires improvement  pass cqc ratings trend inadequate


 Primary Care: Hundreds more poor reviews

 pass cqc primary medical requires improvement  

Almost 9,000 GPs and Dentists were inspected under the old KLOE rules. This is what they can get caught out on:-

  • Inspections regime changed in 2017, you need to be prepared for new KLOEs
  • Virtually everything you based on old KLOEs at the last inspection is invalid
  • Providers who have not kept up to date face a significant amount of work

Adult Care: Thousands of poor reviews

 pass cqc adultcare requires improvement




Inspections are transitioning from checking processes to auditing actual care.

What gets caught out:-

  • Providers who waste time on policies instead of care
  • Poor care plans
  • Poor risk assessment
  • Poor evidence of compliance

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