Essential for every CQC location


Whether your organisation is a sole trader or part of a group, most locations will have less than 40 staff.
Even with a head office behind you, at a local level, all managers face the exact same issues:-

  • The easiest way to collect, file, and present evidence.
  • Get me through an inspection more smoothly.

Don’t start with KLOEs, this is the wrong place to start.
You should look at these at some stage but starting with these is not good idea. KLOEs make the task look daunting and you will feel like giving up after the first few pages. It also detracts from prioritising and addressing key issues first, and you risk doing the unimportnat things first, leaving you exposed at the inspection. KLOEs are really the inspector’s checklist, and should be looked at once the basics are in place

What you need

What you will want to achieve as your first stage:-

  1. Systematic approach to cover key areas
  2. A reliable Compliance Plan
  3. Organise your evidence to get you through inspections

You don't have to go reinvent the wheel, save yourself weeks of labour, we have a ready-made solutiion to give you an instant start.



CQC Evidence System

With an easy manage system and everything in one place, all you do at an inspection is hand over the file to the inspector.

Would you do this?

"I completed the Evidence File and went on annual holiday 2 days before the inspection. We received and overall Good Rating"

January 2018

Full CQC support, when you need it

You can select from a range of support services, from a helping hand to get started, to a comprehensive setup ready for any inspection.
Choose only the right level of support that suits you. Many organisations outsource much of their compliance to us with our fully managed monthly service.

What we aim to help you achieve:-

  1. Organisation profile and your service plans and strategies
  2. Descriptions of how you cover each of the key domains
  3. What you do every day to run a safe and well-led organisation
  4. Once you have achieved this base line, you can progress to the next level appropriate to you.

Evidence Folder with Templates


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An easy decision:

  • Instant start, minimal time and energy wasted on CQC organisation
  • Affordable pricing, cheaper than doing it yourself
  • You will work to a Professional Standard
  • Full support and advice
  • Dozens of templates and guides whenever you need them
  • Let us do the hard work of keeping you up to date with KLOEs