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Gone are the days when you could put up all your policies and documents on a web site or intranet, make your staff read it, and hope to sail through an inspection.
Inspectors typically spend less than 5 minutes on your policies, the rest of the day is spent on looking for evidence of what actually happens every day.

"Usually I don't bother with policies, might look at Safeguarding"

Real comment by a CQC inspector - April 2018

What to look for in CQC software

CQC software should be designed to help you comply whilst doing tasks, and should generate evidence that you are following a quality assured process every single day.
What your system should produce:-

  1. Evidence of tasks carried out
  2. Logs and reports
  3. Evidence of monitoring
  4. Proof of good practice and leadership
  5. Evidence of awareness and adherence to the rules
  6. Management of risk and potential harm


How to find Futureproof systems

CQC has gone through several major changes and more keep coming every year.
Systems should be based on National Standards and accepted best practice rather than the latest list of prompts. As long as the core standards of the industry do not change, which only evolve slowly, this ensures that the system remains true to accepted standards and is stable.

Such a system should be able to cope with most changes, even new KLOEs every year, without any upheaval or changes in the way you work, having to reorganise or do anything differently.

The only change worth making is to keep simplifying everything.
Our approach to compliance

  1. Prevention at the frontline
  2. Make staff self-sufficient, to release management time
  3. Learn and improve as you do
  4. Risk based compliance
  5. Measure it, then improve it

Hidden costs

The cost of the system is not as important as the time you will invest in it.

On average, implementation costs 5 times the cost of the software. A more extreme example is a policies system that costs £200 for 300 policies, but most managers end up spending over £12,500 in time and effort to review and customise.
With these systems, when the law changes, be prepared to write that off all your time and start all over again.


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