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A common sentiment among clients is "Federating is like herding cats"
The most common aspirations expressed are:-

  1. We want to collaborate
  2. We want to exchange ideas and share best practice
  3. We want to achieve efficiencies

However, in our surveys, 98% of Federations never achieve these goals.

Federating is difficult because:-

  1. You cannot dictate what members must do
  2. No powers to issue directions
  3. No motivation/incentive for members to do as they are told
  4. A “voluntary” compliance model, where everything is optional
  5. Can only recommend - Members allowed to make own decisions

A significant issue in organising Federation wide quality standards is that without the power to dictate standards, members make individual self-serving decisions rather than for the greater good of the Federation.

Example: When one proposes a standardised approach to policies, a common response is “I have invested a lot of time customising mine, I am not prepared to change”. The logical solution is to share policies between practices, with an arbiter who compiles the best aspects, knowledge and best practice, but members show considerable reluctantance to others benefitting from their hard work.


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The fundamental problem is the reticence to work as a consolidated and coherent group.

In contrast, private providers are more likely to achieve these goals because they have a central structure that does not allow variation and every branch will toe the line without question.

In the longer run, private providers will enjoy a better competitive advantage as Federations continue to waste their talents on duplicated work.

Many have realised this and are have formed super-practices or super-partnerships which combine the advantages of independence at membership level with a stricter centralised structure.

Common Standards Across the Membership

Sharing, collaboration and efficiencies are impossible without common standards. Getting a groups of practices to work together is a real challenge, and requires experienced hands and a sensitive approach.
Federations should aim for:-

  1. A common approach to compliance evidence and CQC inspections.
  2. Standardised Policies and proocols.
  3. No one left behind - every member must perform to the same minimum standard.
  4. Proactive support for members.



Central Reporting System for Federations


A ready-made system for Federations that benefits members by enabling them to meet basic standards with seamless reporting to Federation Head Office.

Provider Level Assessments of Federations and Groups necessitate all members to demonstrate and report that they are meeting compliance and quality standards to the Federation head office.

We provide a fully hosted ready to go system for Federations to prepare for and meet current and new compliance standards.

  1. A Federation wide Compliance and Reporting system for each member
  2. Central reporting with analytics for head office to monitor and manage activity and compliance levels.
  3. Immediate benefit to members with improved standard using automatically generated Action Plans
  4. Federation wide coordination of compliance activities for proactive support to struggling members.

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Special Terms for central buying

  1. Per member pricing with preferential rates for central buying
  2. Minimum of 10 members to qualify for terms
  3. New members automatically join at the discounted rate
  4. Subscription is annually renewing unless cancelled