Groups, Franchises and Federations


Corporate Groups tend to have a centralised control with a higher level of discipline whreas many Franchises and Federations tend towards a looser network and discipline.

The most common aspirations expressed are:-

  1. We want to collaborate
  2. We want to exchange ideas and share best practice
  3. We want to achieve efficiencies

Disadvantages of a decentralised system:-

  1. You cannot dictate what members must do
  2. No powers to issue directions
  3. No motivation/incentive for members to do as they are told
  4. A “voluntary” compliance model makes everything optional

Without the power to dictate standards, members make individual self-serving decisions rather than for the greater good of the network.

NEW CQC Inspection Regime

KLOE 2018: Under the new regime, Head Office management may be held accountable for failures ate local level.
The key to avoiding this is to ensure there is a system in place to detect systemic failures and proactive management to fix these.

What you need

The fundamental challange is the ability to work as a consolidated and coherent group.

Common Standards Across the Membership

Sharing, collaboration and efficiencies are impossible without common standards. Getting a groups of branches to work together is a real challenge, and requires experienced hands and a sensitive approach.

Goals to aim for:-

  1. A common approach to compliance evidence and CQC inspections.
  2. Standardised Policies and proocols.
  3. No one left behind - every member must perform to the same minimum standard.
  4. Proactive support for members.

Advantages of Central Reporting Systems

  1. Network wide Compliance and Reporting system for each member
  2. Central reporting with analytics for head office to monitor and manage activity and compliance levels.
  3. Immediate benefit to members with improved standard using automatically generated Action Plans
  4. Network wide coordination of compliance activities for proactive support to struggling members.

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