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1. Basic package

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The go-to system to organise all your governance and evidence.
We give you the basic system with electronic templates to record all your evidence.
To complete the file, you will have to add your Governance Framework descriptions (How you achieve each standard)

2. Ready-to-Go

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In addition to the standard folder system, we provide ready-made Governance Framework in our Evidence Pack.
This means, you are ready-to-go within 1 hours, with minimal effort.
Everything in CQC is laborious. Adding the Governance Framework can take time, and with normal pressures of work, managers often quote it took them two weeks or more to get this done. So we have gathered best practice and compiled a read-made solution to save you labouring over this.

All you have to do is read it, sign it, and file it as your standard framework.

3. Full Setup and Customisation

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A full setup and customisation service for Providers who want their documents customised for their oraganisation. With this, a dedicated consultant will help ypou organise your files and evidence as well as walking you thorugh each of the Governance Framework statements to reflect the way you work.

Customer access only

FREE to any registered user

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