• Commissioning 2013

    Voted the Best CQC Seminar by attendees 2 years in a row
                                at the Commissioning Show

    ‘Preparing for CQC inspections’

    Preparing for CQC Inspections video

    CommissioningShow 2013

     Looks like it  was a big  hit!

     Kate Jackson
    Conference Manager
    Commissioning Show

    Speakers:Shabana Dehlavi, Editor at Everything CQC
                       Bharat Patel, CEO X-Genics  

    Rating’ given by attendees
    Content: 4.5 out of 5
    Delivery: 4.8 out of 5

    Session Outline

    • What you need to do now to prepare for the Inspection
    • The inspection process - Inspections from an Inspector's point of view
    • Common problems we find at Inspections
    • What to do during your 48-hours’ notice
    • Managing the inspection



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    Special offering for Registered Managers and Practice Managers
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    eManager is our interactive Windows based software with dozens of specialised Apps for healthcare providers

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    The new Premium Toolkit

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    The new Toolkit is more than just the Evidence Folder, it will be our most complete system yet for this unique system.
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  • National Patient Safety pilots

    The benchmark of good practice


    Patient Safety Toolkit


    Be part of the change


    For Federating members:

    Demonstrate quality standards and eligibility to take on contract bids

    For Practices:

    Demonstrate your standards to Patients and the CQC.


    Why bother?
    Instead of being at the mercy of the CQC “Star System” as the sole judge of your patient safety standards, you will be able to demonstrate to your patients; your Federation; and your CCG, that you run a safe practice AND that you have a solid continuous improvement programme.

    What’s in it for you?
    You will be given FREE OF CHARGE an innovative toolkit that will allow you to assess your Patient Safety credentials in less than 15 minutes every 3 months.
    The toolkit will automatically generate evidence and an Improvement Action Plan required for the CQC, saving you valuable time.

    What’s in it for us?
    Practices need to demonstrate safety systems for both the GP contract and for contract bids.
    We want to demonstrate to Federations and CCGs and the CQC that there is a better alternative to inspections in measuring Patient Safety, and that practices can be trusted to manage their own improvement.

    Who can join?
    This round is aimed at GP Practices, but register your interest now for the next round for Dentists; Pharmacists; Care Services; Hospital Trusts; and others.

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  • The Professional CQC System for Teams

    Reducing the burden of CQC compliance

    An organisation wide team system to get staff organised for CQC.

    Reduces the time taken for planning, teaching staff, chasing for the work to be done, and recording activity. Staff carry out their assigned tasks, and all logs and reports can be generated automatically at the press of a button.

    Preparing evidence for an inspection is as easy as pressing the reports button.

     smart system easy management 1


    cqc solutions teams 3steps

    cqc solutions teams instant action plans


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